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Review of Application Testing With Capybara

Matt Robbins of fame has written a book called “Application Testing with Capybara”, published by Packt.

There are few books I feel I can recommend to those starting off in test automation but this book is one of them.

Most book begin with the tedious ‘how to install [the software]’ but by the end of Chapter 1 Matt has taken you on the journey from installing the relevant software to having a fully working test. If you’re the type who wants to get down to business quickly (hello!) then this book is for you.

As well as giving clear examples of how to deal with each of the types of elements you’re likely to encounter when automating a web UI with Capybara, Matt also explains the often-confusing rules around finders, scoping and multiple matchers. If you want to better understand how Capybara deals with finding elements then read this chapter!

A final thing: most tutorials you come across on the web only deal with the simplest use cases. Instead of avoiding the more difficult scenarios, Matt deals with them head on in the ‘Ninja Topics’ chapter. If you’re struggling with using Capybara with tools other than cucumber, this is the chapter for you. If you want to get under capybara’s hood, there’s lots of good info. Want to use Capybara with a driver other than Selenium? Everything you need is here :)

So, if you want to learn Capybara, buy yourself a copy of “Application Testing with Capybara”!